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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rozalie Sevcovic, 1866-1950

  • Born:  6 December 1866 (Bohemia or Czechoslovakia)
  • Died:  12 September 1950 (Irvington, Essex, New Jersey)
  • Parents:  Vaclav Sevcovic and Anna Kotaur
  • Spouse:  Henry Hiebl  (md. 20 January 1894  Manhattan, New York, New York)
  • Children:  James Hiebl, Joseph Hiebl, Anna Hiebl, Mary Hiebl, Henry Hiebl,Frank Hiebl

1866 December 6
Born in Bohemia or Czechoslovakia  [1]

Age 21
Emigrates to the United States. [2]

1889 December
Age 23
Daughter Anna born in New Jersey [2]

1892 May
Age 25
Daughter Mary born in New Jersey [2]

1894 January 20
Age 27
Marries Henry Hiebl in Manhattan, New York  []

1899 August
Age 32
Son Henry born in New Jersey [2]

1900 June 8
Age 33
Living in Newark, Essex, New Jersey, with Henry and children Anna (age 11), Mary (age 8), and Henry (age 1), working at a grocery store.  [2]

1905 April 5
Age 38
Youngest child, Frank, born at Newark, Essex, New Jersey.  [4]

Age 38
Living in Essex, New Jersey with husband Henry and children Anna L. (age 15), Mary (age 13), and Frank (age 0).  [5]

1910 April 18
Age 43
Living in Newark, Essex, New Jersey, with Henry and children, Mary (age 18) and Frank age 5).  No longer listed with an occupation.  [6]

1920 January 7
Age 53
Still living in Newark, Essex, New Jersey, with Henry and son Frank (age 14).  [7]

1926 June 21
Age 59
Husband Henry dies.

1930 April 7
Age 63
Living in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey with son Frank and daughter-in-law Josephine.  [8]

1950 September 12
Age 83
Dies in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey of atena-carcinoma.  Cremated at Rosehill Crematory 15 Sept. 1950. [9]

* * *

"Rozie “Baba” Sevcovic had worked in her father’s shop in Czechoslovakia as a young girl, counting and taking care of money. I have a picture of Baba’s father taken in Czechoslovakia. Working in the shop she did not learn homemaking skills, but did make a great soup with beef bones. She did not like to cook!

"Baba came to the U.S. as a young woman to teach. It took her 2 weeks on a rough passage to cross the ocean and she said she would not do it again.

"Family was important, and Baba would help unite children left in Czechoslovakia after the parents came to the U.S. She was also part of the Suffrage movement going door to door, with Daddy in hand, trying to persuade
other women to join the movement.

"Baba (a Czech name for Grandma) met Henry at a dance where Henry and his orchestra were playing. Baba loved to dance and Henry asked hen to dance with him. With Henry holding the accordion over her head and playing, they danced. Henry was 6’4” Baba was under 5’. As a young girl, I remember being at a dance where Baba was sitting on a chair but her feet were dancing to polka music. One of her friends sat next to her and said, pointing to me, “Czeche holti.” (I’m not sure of the spelling, but it means “Does she understand Czech?”) I popped up saying, “YES I DO!” But the music started again, I was off dancing, and Baba was left in peace to talk to her friend without me listening. (I did not speak Czech but understood enough to know what most conversations were about.)

"Rozie and Henry had 9 children. Only 2 girls reached 35; Frank, the youngest, lived to 76 years.

"Baba was a fine knitter. As a young girl I would watch with fascination, seeing all of her fingers move and holding at least four needles. One evening when she was watching us while Momma and Daddy were out, I watched Baba knitting and sipping on her one glass of beer a day. I asked her what it tasted like, and she gave me a sip. I then went to bed, but made the mistake of telling Momma the next morning what happened. A neighbor girl stayed with us from then on. Daddy told Baba the girl wanted to earn some money. During WW II, I learned to knit in school making squares for blankets. I showed Baba what I was doing and hen comment was” You’re stabbing it!” She never did teach me or my sisters her craft. (The baby cap and doilies I have are examples of her work.)

"Some time after Henry died, Baba and Daddy moved from Newark to Irvington, N.J. Baba rented two of the second floor rooms to a young couple. Two days after Momma and Daddy were married they too moved into Baba’s house. (We’re talking about a 3-bedroom, 1-bath house.) The dining room became my parents’ bedroom. Grandpa Vohnoutka also moved in a few months after Momma and Daddy were married and so did John Vohnoutka Grandpa’s brother’s son. John and his wife were my godparents. I have a picture taken in 1980 of myself with John and his wife Honey."

--Joan Carol Hiebel Farrier

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