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This is a site for us to upload family histories and pictures of our Davidson and Farrier family ancestors. I have not written most of the histories, although I have put together the timelines. The histories have been gathered from various sources, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of their information.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John Zimmermann, abt. 1837-

•    Born:  About 1837 (Germany)
•    Died:  About 1896
•    Parents: 
•    Spouse:  Agnes Marie Benisch
•    Children:  John Zimmermann, Rose Zimmermann, Anna Zimmermann, Marie Lillian Zimmermann

About 1837
Born somewhere in Germany  [1]

About 1881
Age 44
Emigrated to the United States, coming through the Castle Gardens immigration site.  [2]

1892 May 23
Age 55
Youngest child, Marie Lillian, is born at Clifton, Passaic, New Jersey. [1]

About 1896
Age 59
Dies of a strangulated hernia (Marie was three or four years old.) [2]

* * *

“John Zimmermann was a loom-builder.  He landed at Castle Gardens, the immigrant center before Ellis Island, in 1881.  He built looms for the Hugh milling industry in Patterson, N.J.

“Perry Zimmermann, son of John Zimmermann was a fine violinist.  His children, grandchildren won awards as  musicians or artists and Janine, Perry’s wife claimed all their talents came from the Zimmermanns because her side of the family ‘only produced businessmen.’”

--Clair-Jane FarrierYoung

[1]  New Jersey State Dept. of Health birth cert. no. Z62 for Marie Lillian Zimmermann.

[2]  Letter from Clair Jane Farrier Young to Walter Farrier (both are grandchildren).

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