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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frank Hiebel, 1905-1981

  • Born: 5 April 1905 (Newark, Essex, New Jersey)
  • Died: 10 October 1981 (Irvington, Essex, New Jersey)
  • Parents: Henry Hiebl and Rosie or Rozie Sevcovic
  • Spouse: Josephine C. Vohnoutka (md. 26 February 1927 Summit, New Jersey)
  • Children: Doris Hiebel, Lorraine Hiebel, Joan Carol Hiebel, Audrey Jean Hiebel, Linda Helen Hiebel

1905 April 5
Born in Newark, Essex, New Jersey, ninth child of Henry Hiebl and Rosie or Rozie Sevcovic  [1, 2]

Frank as a child.

1926 June 21
Age 21
Death of father, Henry Hiebl in Fairmont, Newark, New Jersey [4]

1927 Feb 26
Age 21
Marries Josephine C. Vohnoutka in Summit, New Jersey.  Lists occupation as “Buyer.”  [3]

Frank and Josephine Hiebel on their honeymoon.
Tremore Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey in background.

1928 September 21
Age 23
Daughter Doris born in Newark, Essex, New Jersey.  She lived only until October 22.  [2]

1930 April 7
Age 25
Living in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey with wife, Josephine, mother Rose Hiebel, and wife’s cousin John Vohnoutka.  Lists occupation as “Clerk, printing co.”  [5]

1930 April 22
Age 25
Daughter Lorraine F. born in Newark, Essex, New Jersey [4]

1932 April 15
Age 27
Daughter Joan Carol born in Orange, Essex, New Jersey.  Residence:  256 40th St., Irvington, N.J.  Occupation:  Salesman. [4]

1936 May 13
Age 31
Daughter Audrey Jean born, Irvington, Essex, New Jersey  [6]

Back:  Josephine, Frank, a friend holding Audrey
Front:  Joan, Lorraine
1937 spring
Age 32
Takes picture of Hindenburg a few weeks before its tragic crash in May

1938 January 30
Age 32
Daughter Lorraine died of Gaucher’s disease  [7]

1940 April 15
Age 35
Living in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey with wife, Josephine, and daughters Joan (age 8) and Audrey (age 3), and father-in-law, Joseph Vohnoutka, and mother, Rosalie Hiebel.  [8]

1946 Jan. 30
Age 40
Daughter Linda Helen born, Newark, Essex, New Jersey [4]

1950 September 12
Age 45
Death of mother, Rosalie Sevcovic Hiebel in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey  [9]

Frank in Ansco film advertisement in journal "Radiology," June 1951, p. 11.
Age 63
Retired from working as salesman for Ansco Photo [4]

Frank and Josephine, date unknown.

1980 January 15
Age 74
Wife Josephine dies of bronchial pneumonia and histocytic lymphoma in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey. [10]

1981 October 10
Age 76
Dies of acute respiratory failure in Irvington, Essex, New Jersey.  Lists occupation as salesman of x-ray equipment (General Analine and Film Co. of Binghamton, New York.)  Was buried at Hollywood Memorial Park in Union, New Jersey. [1, 11]

* * *
Memories of daughter, Joan Carol Hiebel Farrier:

"Frank “Daddy” Hiebel was the ninth child of Rozie and Frank Hubl. The spelling of the family name was changed by Frank’s sisters. The family lived in a German/Czech neighborhood. With the change the Germans had a better chance of pronouncing it correctly. In Czechoslovakia, children were taught spelling only to the third grade. Once you learned the rules you could spell anything.

"Frank was abused by his sister Anna’s husband. Frank was studying violin and Anna’s husband eventually became his teacher. When Frank played a wrong note Anna’s husband hit him on the fingers until they bled. There was more but Daddy didn’t talk about it. I do know that when Anna died, the family never spoke to her husband or Anna’s son again.

"As a young teenager Frank was sickly and very thin. The doctor suggested he go to the country for fresh air and good food. Through the Czech network, the Vohnoutka family was found. When Frank arrived, there was a spread on the table including meat, potatoes and vegetables. He thought Mrs. Vohnoutka had fixed a special meal for his first night. The feast was every night! Frank lived with the family for a couple of years. The daughter, Josie (my Mama), had a crush on Frank, according to the son Joseph Vohnoutka. Joe really gave Frank a hard time for a while, but as time went on Daddy won Joe over (according to Daddy).

"Frank knew Josie liked him when, as he was leaving to go back home, Josie cried. Josie asked if he would come back to visit. His reply was “If you bake me a cake, the one with heavy cream and egg white icing with dark chocolate on top.” Frank did visit and the cake was waiting for him.

"Frank and Josie married February 26, 1927, they moved in with Baba on the condition that Mama would do the cooking. I really don’t think Baba was upset with this arrangement. Baba was then able to devote more time to her knitting and organizations. The only complaint I heard about this arrangement from Mama was when Mama came home with her first born and all five people living in the house expected her to go grocery shopping and fix dinner. She did cook the dinner, but only after someone else did the shopping. Frank and Josie had five daughters. The first died at about 14 days because the outlet of the stomach was closed. The second, Lorraine, died at 8 years of a rare chronic congenital disease (Gaucher’s disease): a disorder of lipid metabolism, associated with enlarged spleen.

"Frank had seven different jobs during his working years. These are the ones I remember:
· Soda Jerk as a young man.
· Caddie at a golf course, while living with the Vohnoutkas.
· Musician with his own orchestra.
· Photographer: mostly brides in the beginning, then food for advertising (spraying the fruit with varnish to make it shine), then jewelry laid on black velvet. Frank took a picture of the German zeppelin Hindenburg on its next-to-last arrival in the U.S. Ten days later it exploded on its approach to land. (I have a newspaper clipping of the picture.) When the WPA started, he worked for them as a photographer. I remember him telling me that on one occasion he hung out of a plane to get a good picture. It wasn’t until he got on the ground he realized what he did.
· X-ray technician during WWII, to find any flaws in guns, all sizes.
· Sales Representative for Ansco X-ray film, his last employer.

"Daddy was active in the local civic and political scene: Town treasurer, chairman of the Board of Adjustment, Member of the Sinking Fund Commission, Democrat District Leader, superintendent of the Methodist Church Sunday School, member of the Salvation Army advisory board, Rotary Club, and Master Mason of a Masonic Lodge."

--Joan Carol Hiebel Farrier

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